Saturday, February 2, 2013

Paper or Plastic

A paper bible you can feel the word in your hand and it is great. A plastic iPad, cell phone or other plastic electronic device, you might as well have a block of wood or a cold hard stone in your hand?  I think, paper is my answer.  I have been a reader of the bible now for 20 plus years and just started reading books of spiritual value in 2011.  I also enjoy reading the newspaper from time to time also.

Paper is my vote,  not that I am against technology. it is just the way it should be, paper over plastic every time.  Flipping pages to find that verse pastor just mentioned, referencing scriptures to those mentioned in the books I am reading.

I am often called Amish, not to make fun of , but comparing me to old ways.  We do not have cable tv either, my wife just started using oil lamps.  OMG you techno peeps might say.

Something about slowing down life and enjoying it.  Paper has a lot to cherish.  Try it one day, you may like it once again.

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